The Best and Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World!

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One of my biggest questions that I always get is, “When is the best time to go to Disney World?” Well, of course I have an answer! If you have a 100% or 75% of an open schedule, there are a handful of great options. If you don’t have that much of an open schedule then it’s going to be a little bit harder. But we’ll get ya there! It should come as no surprise that the best time to visit Disney World generally falls along school schedules, that meaning when the kids are in school. Generally anytime there is a holiday where kids will be out of school, there will be crowds at Disney World. Which sucks for you teachers out there that can’t take off during the school year! But if you’re the lucky ones that can take off during the school year for a few days here are some options for you!

Best Times to Visit Disney World

Mid January to Mid-February (not including MLK weekend and any marathon weekends). Once the winter break is over and kids are back in school, crowds practically disappear. The weather is often cool but can get pretty cold too. Since it is value season, pricing for accommodations are low. This is also the time that Disney typically does refurbishment on rides and their water parks, so you may miss out on a headliner or two. Park hours are often shorter during this time frame as well. For all of you out there that get time off for Mardi Gras, this is the time frame that they more than likely fall into.

The Weeks Following Easter (but before Memorial Day). Kids are back in school, weather is typically warm (although sometimes rainy). Park hours are often longer as well! This is the time that my family usually takes our vacation to Disney. We have always had typically pretty good weather and the crowds are not too bad either. 

First Three Weeks in May. Crowds are very moderate for travel during this time of year. The weather is beautiful and typically you can catch Epcot’s International Flower and Garden Festival during the early part of May. The weather is warm and perfect for enjoying the resort pools and Disney’s water parks! This is when my family usually goes on our Disney Vacations. It is a really nice time to go! The weather is really good, its not too hot and there is practically no crowd.

September and October. School is back in session for the fall. Early September is still often hot. Mid-October is a great time to go, but stay away from Halloween. Crowd levels are low and you can take advantage of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.


10-14 Days Before Thanksgiving. Weather is still nice during the day and possibly warm enough to swim with very low crowd levels.

The First Full Week After Thanksgiving. The Thursday – Sunday of Thanksgiving is historically busy, however, crowds tend to lower Sunday-Monday and the following week has some of the lowest crowd levels. This time of year is also during “holiday” time at Disney. You are able to purchase tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, Epcot Candlelight Processional, as well as Osborne Festival of Lights and all the holiday decor at Disney Resorts and Parks.

Two Weeks Before Christmas (December 5 – 15th-ish). This also allows for Disney holiday time as well as mild weather. Once again, it may be chilly for adults to swim. However, it may end up being unseasonably warm remember it is Florida that you will be in. The best part about this time is you get to enjoy all of the Christmas decorations all throughout the parks and resort hotels while the crowds aren’t so bad either.   DSC_2189,2-M

Many of these days work for me, as I said my family usually goes towards the end of May around Memorial Day. We always save time and money by going during one of the off seasons and the weather is not too hot either. Historically, January, September/October, and November/December have lower resort prices (ticket prices don’t go up and down throughout the seasons). These are also the season that provide the most offers/promotions/discounts such as Free Dining, Stay & Play or seasonal options.

Worst Times to Visit Disney World

HOLIDAYS! Christmas being the worst (10/10 crowds throughout the week of Christmas). Next is Easter, Thanksgiving and the summer months. Basically all the times that the kids are out of school.

Christmas Week Thru the New Year. Crowds this time of year are almost unbearable. Parks often close early due to reaching maximum capacity. It is hands down the most crowded and most expensive time to travel to Walt Disney World in the year.

Mid-February Through Mid-April. Crowds for this time are large and accommodations are priced very high due to Spring Break and other holidays. However, the weather is beautiful! Easter week ( the weekend of Easter and the following week) is the second busiest time of year to visit Walt Disney World. Avoid visiting during this time if at all possible.

June Through Mid August. Crowds are very high and the weather is EXTREMELY hot! Pricing is moderate. The weather alone makes it very difficult to tour the parks with a family and keep your sanity. Unless you are planning on touring in the evenings only or living at one of the Disney Water Parks, I don’t recommend it if at all possible.


You can check out my Crowd Calendar HERE!

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