How Can I Get an Estimated Budget?

In order to get an estimated budget for your Disney Vacation, you will need to have a general idea of the following:

  • When will you be going? The price per seasons change tremendously over the year for Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Dining prices will also change throughout the year. Best & Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World.

  • Your family’s size and age on your planned arrival/check-in date: Children under three years old are pretty much free, meaning you will not have to purchase a park ticket for them. Children ages three to nine are charges a little less than an adult for theme park tickets and they are also charges a lot less for dining plans as well. Children that are ten and older are charges the same as an adult.

  • Where you plan on staying: There are so many Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from. You can choose from prices under $100 per night to well over $500 per night. See how to choose a Walt Disney World Resort by clicking here.

Once you have figured the above out, you can go to the Disney World Website and basically go through the booking process up until the point where you are asked to confirm your purchase. If you are not able to complete a step in the booking process, you can always contact me for help! You can also skip all that non-sense and get a free quote from me! You can simply fill out my free quote sheet and I’ll get back with you shortly with your quote!

Once you get an idea of how much your cost of your hotel room, park tickets, dining plan, etc. add your transportation costs and add $30-$50 per person per day for extras!

Always keep in mind that by using a travel agent you will releave so much stress and save time and money. CONTACT ME today if you are ready to book your Disney World Vacation. Stick around and check out my site! I have so much information available right here. Try checking out the Walt Disney World Tab to see what’s all going on, what’s new and refresh your memory of the classics! 


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