Celebrating at Disney!

Walt Disney World Resort provides, in my opinion, the perfect setting to give your special moments the fanfare they deserve. So gather up all of those who make you the happiest for a truly spectacular celebration in the place where dreams come true!

You don’t necessarily have to have a reason or an excuse to go to Disney World in order to enjoy your trip. But if you are going to Disney World to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, graduation, your first visit or a family reunion, Disney has special activities and add-ons that are available to make whatever you are celebrating more magical.

If you are a planner, like myself, you can plan out certain events for whatever occasion that you are celebrating. You can also just go about your own way and go and do your favorite activities at Walt Disney World and celebrate in your own way. I’ve listed a few things that you can choose from to make your Disney Celebration extra special.

– Celebration Recognition Button –

As a general rule, ALWAYS get a Celebration Recognition Button. You can get Happily Ever After, First Visit, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Family Reunion or you can just get an I’m Celebrating button if what you are celebrating isn’t one of the main categories.

– Happily Ever After –

Along with your buttons you could also get a set of Bride and Groom Mickey ears! My husband and I got ourselves a pair the last time we visited Walt Disney World because we were celebrating our engagement! We also got our wedding date embroidered on the back. If you want even more attention brought to yourselves you could make personalized t-shirts! You can also set up reservations at a Signature Dining location on property, where you just might be treated to a special dessert dish.


– First Visit –

You can select to have a welcome package set up in your hotel room so that when you arrive the magic is waiting for you! Se my Magical In-Room Gifting post to learn a little bit more! You can also make personalized t-shirts that say “My First Visit” on them so that when you meet all the characters they’ll make sure that when you meet all the characters they’ll make sure that you receive a one-of-kind meet and greet. I would also recommend reserving a character meal and utilizing Disney’s Photo-Pass Service by purchasing a Memory Maker. You can also schedule a Disney Family Portrait Session with one of Disney’s Fine Art Photographers!

– Happy Birthday –

If you or your little one is celebrating a birthday you can choose from three different In-Room Celebration Packages. You can choose from: Mickey and the gang, a pirate trunk or a princess proclamation. Imagine seeing the look on your little ones face when they see personalized gifts from Mickey, a pirate or their favorite princess? You can also get a special “It’s My Birthday” Mickey ears. You can also order a cake by calling the cake hotline at 407-827-CAKE (407-827-2253). But be advised, Disney cakes can get expensive.


– Happy Anniversary –

To make your anniversary special, not matter how many years it may be, you could always bump your room reservation to a suite or a deluxe resort hotel or you could just plan on sitting down to dinner at a nice signature dining location.

– Family Reunion –

I would definitely recommended utilizing Disney’s Photo-Pass services. There will most likely be a big group of people all trying to get in the picture and make sure that they get the picture on their camera as well. It could turn into a huge headache! With Photo-Pass you would just have to let one of Disney’s many Photo-Pass photographers scan your magic band and they’ll snap your picture for you! They’ll make sure that they get the best shot possible. You can view all of your pictures at a later time as well as purchase them. The best part about it is your pictures will be professionally taken! I would also recommend reserving a meal at one of Disney’s many interactive Dining Locations on Property.

– I’m Celebrating –

No matter what it is that your are celebrating, you can always count on an unique experience at Disney to remember it by. Whether you’ve just accomplished your first marathon, graduated from school, or you’re celebrating a Holiday there is always something to make your celebrating even more special.

If you need help finding something to do to make your Disney Vacation even more magical than it already will be, please fill free to CONTACT ME! I will be more than happy to help!

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