To Rent a Car or Not?

Here are a few pros and cons of renting a car while on vacation at the Walt Disney World Resort.

– PRO – Staying Off-Property – If you are planning on flying into Orlando and are staying in a resort, hotel or vacation home off of Disney World property, I would personally suggest getting a rental car. The hotels and resorts do offer shuttles to and from the Disney Parks, but they are nothing like Disney’s Transportation Services. If you rent a car you can come and go as you please form the parks and your hotel. Also, when you stay off property you are not available Disney’s Magical Express to get you to and from the airport to your hotel. You are however, available to use Disney’s Transportation services as long as you have purchased a park ticket.

– PRO – Staying On-Property – Time Saving! Keep in mind that Disney’s Transportation services via bus, boat or monorail is free to you to use when you purchase a park ticket. Disney Transport is very useful, it can save you time and money and their services bring you directly to your resort and theme parks! But, if you are vacationing in Disney during peak times it may take the transportation services longer than normal than if you had a rental car. If you have a rental car you could cut your travel time in half!

– PRO – When you are staying on Disney Property, parking fees are free! In your rental car you can come and go from any location on property whenever you need or want to. Plus at many Walt Disney World Resorts, you can park quite close to your room which would in turn eliminate the need to take a long walk to and from the bus stop. Who wants to walk even more just to get back to your room after walking at the park all day?

– PRO – Instead of getting mixed up in the mad dash to leave the park at the end of the night and possibly waiting for an hour for a bus, boat or monorail; with a rental car you could be back to where you’re stay somewhat quicker.

– CON – If you’re traveling on a budget, a rental car is not for you. After you add up the gas, taxes, fees and the rental for the car itself, it can get pretty expensive.

– CON – By using Disney Transport services you don’t have to worry about who is navigating. Once you climb aboard your transport vehicle you can sit back and relax until you get to your destination. If you have any additional questions of what source of Disney Transport services, you can always ask a cast member at your resort hotel’s front desk. You can always ask your Disney Travel Agent!

– CON – When you purchase a park ticket and stay on property, Disney Transport services are built into the cost of your stay. So by renting a car, you are declining services that your already paid for an are adding an additional cost to your trip. 


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