What is Park Hopping & Park Hoppers?

– What is a Disney Park Hopper Pass? –

Basically it is a pass that you can add to you regular admission ticket(s). The Park Hopper allows you to enter multiple parks during one day. Meaning, you could start your day at the Magic Kingdom go “home” during the middle of the day and then later that evening go watch Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios! Or you could try and do all four parks in one day if you wanted to!

– Do I need a Disney Park Hopper Pass? –

No, you do not need a Park Hopper pass to get into the parks. But, there are a few factors that you might want to consider before deciding on purchasing a Park Hopper pass. They are:

  • Your Length of Stay – If you are going to be at Disney for four days and are planning on visiting each park for the whole day, you might want to consider not getting a Park Hopper. If you are staying longer or shorter than four days, I would strongly consider getting a Park Hopper pass. This would give you more flexibility.

  • Flexibility – If you feel like you would want to do one park in the morning and end your day at another because of Extra Magic Hours, a nighttime show, dinner reservations, or you want to ride that one ride one more time, I would suggest getting a Park Hopper pass.

– How Much Does a Disney Park Hopper Cost? –

Currently, it costs $58 to add the Park Hopper to a single-day ticket. The prices rises to $64 for any multi-day ticket package that you purchase. So whether you are staying two days or ten days, it’s still $64 per person. $64 may seem pretty expensive to add to your park tickets, but it is well worth it in my opinion if you want to have total flexibility while on your vacation.

If you are planning on going to the Water Parks and purchasing a Park Hopper pass I would suggest getting the “Park Hopper & Water Park & More” package. The “Water Fun & More Option” and the “Park Hopper” cost the same to add them to your tickets. But with this package the price of the Park Hopper drops to $26 per person, so in return it would be cheaper to get the Park Hopper with this package.

We always choose to add the Park Hopper option to our tickets. Whether it’s because we want to see a nighttime show, our dinner reservations are at another park or we want to ride that one ride one more time we always seem to end up going to two parks in one day. You do not need a Park Hopper pass to go to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs).

If you have any more additional questions about Park Hoppers and Park Hopping, please don’t hesitate to ASK ME! Want to know more insider tips, ways to save money and time and how to get the best out of your Disney vacation? Feel free to stay a while and snoop around on my page, Get The Magic Started! If you are ready to Get The Magic Started for you and your family, please feel free to fill out my Free Quote Sheet! I hope to hear from ya real soon!

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