Disney’s Magical Express!

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So, you’ve made your resort reservation, selected your ticket package and booked your flight. Now, how will you get to and from the airport to your resort? A Rental Car? A Taxi? What about Disney’s Magical Express?

– What is Disney’s Magic Express? –

Disney’s Magic Express is a complementary 24/7 round-trip service for guests staying at a Disney World Resort Hotel It provides bus transportation between the Orlando International Airport and Walt Disney World Resort Hotels (not including the SwanDolphin and Shades of Green). The Magical Express will also transport your luggage so you don’t have to (but you can choose to transport your own luggage if you’d like). So why not begin your vacation as soon as you step off the plane? With Disney’s Magical Express, you don’t have to worry about baggage claim or worry about ground transportation to your resort.

– How Does is Work? –

When you book your vacation, sign up for the Magic Express. You only need the Magical Express’ service if you are flying into the Orlando International Airport. If you have your flight information at the time you are booking your vacation, you can input your flight information. If it’s too early to book your flights you can always come back at a later date. You will need to add your flight information no later than 10 days, but preferred two months if applicable. The next step is getting your luggage tags and vouchers by mail.

– Luggage Tags and Vouchers –

If you live in the U.S. and Canada, you will receive your Magical Express vouchers and luggage tags a couple of weeks before your vacation. Which is why it is important that you sign up for the Magical Express with enough time for your luggage tags and vouchers to arrive at your home. When you receive your luggage tags and vouchers you will need to put them on each piece of luggage that you want the Magical Express to retrieve from the luggage carousel at the airport. You will only receive one tag per person, if you need more than that you can contact Magical Express and let them know that you need more (1-866-599-0951). If you want to get your own bags and carry them to the bus, you won’t need to use the luggage tags. **Please note that if you will be arriving after 10:00 PM you must retrieve your own luggage. The delivery service does not run after 10:00 PM.**

The vouchers that come in the mail with your luggage tags are your tickets to board the Magical Express bus. If you don’t have your vouchers when you arrive you can go to the Magical Express desk in the airport and they can help you out. You can also use your MagicBand to board the Magical Express, but you will need your vouchers to board the Magical Express on your ride back to the airport after your vacation. So keep up with our vouchers throughout your vacation!

– Delivery Service –

If you choose to use the delivery service provided by the Magical Express there are a few things that you need to be aware of:

  • Make sure to pack any valuables, medications or anything that you will need immediately upon your arrival in Orlando in your carry on bag.
  • Make sure to have your MagicBand readily available and easily accessible at the airport and when you arrive at your Disney World Resort Hotel. **DO NOT PACK MAGICBANDS IN CHECKED LUGGAGE!**
  • Your luggage that you checked will more than likely not be on the same bus as you to your hotel. Your luggage could take as long as three hours to be delivered to your hotel and then to your room. Remember you do have the option to choose not to use the delivery service and place your luggage on the Magic Express yourself.

– How to find Disney’s Magical Express at the Airport? –

Once you arrive at the Orlando International Airport, you will navigate to Terminal B. There you will find the escalators. Make sure to go down the “B” side in order to get to Level 1 where you will board the Magical Express bus. **Please note: If you are retrieving your own bags, you must stop by baggage claim first before making your way to Terminal B. Overseas guests will have to go through customs before boarding and checking luggage.**

You will need your MagicBands or Magical Express vouchers to check-in at the Magical Express area. Once you have checked-in you will be directed to your resorts’ line that corresponds to the bus that will be transporting you. You will most likely wait up to 20 to 30 minutes before boarding your bus. Once boarded you will have a 25-35 minute ride, depending on if the bus has to stop at additional resorts thus in turn making it a longer ride.

– Arriving at Your Resort –

Once you arrive at your resort, you will get off the bus and retrieve your bags. If you brought your bags on the bus they will be unloaded and you can be on your way! If you checked your bags and they were not on the same bus as you, your bags will be delivered to your room. Be advised that it could take three to four hours for your bags to be delivered. Which again is why it is important to pack valuables and items that you may need as soon as you arrive to your resort in your carry on bag because your main luggage make take a while to get to you.

– At the End of Your Trip –

The day before you are scheduled to depart, you’ll receive a note in your room telling you what time you’ll be picked up to go back to the airport. If you are flying domestic your pick up time is usually about three hours before your flight. If you are flying international/over seas your pick up time is usually about four hours before your flight. Be advised DO NOT MISS YOUR BUS! You will most likely not be able to use the Magical Express bus if you miss the one that you are scheduled to take.

– Checking Luggage –

If you are flying on a certain airline you have the option of getting your boarding passes and checking your bags for your flight at your resort. If you are not checking your bags at the resort and are choosing to carry your bags onto the Magical Express you can do that as well. Also, if your flight is scheduled for later in the day and you want to spend the morning at one of the parks, you can use the luggage bell service at the front of your resort to hold your luggage until you’re ready to board the Magical Express. But remember to leave yourself plenty of time to retrieve your luggage before the Magical Express arrives to take you to the airport.

– Additional Airline Information –

Here is a list of Airlines that will allow you to get your boarding passes and check your bags for your flight at your resort:

  • AirTran Airways
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • United Air Lines
  • US Airways

AirTran Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airlines and US Airways only allow people to check one bag at Disney resorts. Additional bags can be checked at the airport or guests can call Baggage Airline Guest Services at 407-284-1231 to pay airline excess luggage fees before checking in at the Resort Airline Check-In desk.

American Airlines quests who want to check bags should either check-in at the airport or call Baggage Airline Guest Services at 407-284-1231 to pay airline excess luggage fees before checking in at the Resort Airline Check-In desk.

United Airlines guests may have to pay fees for checked bags. If fees are due, call Baggage Airline Guest Services at 407-284-1231 to pay airline excess luggage fees before checking in at the Resort Airline Check-In desk.

The resort airline desks are usually located in the lobby or entrance area of the resorts.

The resort airline check-in desks are open from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. only. If your flight is before 8 a.m., you will not be able to check your bags but can take your luggage with you to check at the airport. You can’t check in for your flight more than 12 hours in advance.

It is appropriate to tip the people handling your luggage here because it is similar to curbside check in at the airport.

People who are flying on airlines that are not listed above cannot use Resort Airline Check In but can still use Magical Express. You would just need to bring your own luggage when you get on the bus and check in and check your bags once you get to the airport.

– Frequently Asked Questions about Disney’s Magical Express –

Can I take my child’s car seat on a Magical Express bus?

If you have a car seat, it can be stowed under the bus with the other luggage but it can’t be used on the bus seats.

What if I want to only take Magical Express 1 way and not round trip?

You can do that.

What if I only want to have my luggage picked up at the airport and delivered to my resort but I don’t want to ride a Magical Express bus?
Sorry, that’s not allowed. Many people would like to have their luggage transported to their resort and then head straight to the parks in a rental car or taxi. If that’s your goal, I would suggest making a quick stop by car/taxi at your resort and leaving your luggage with luggage bell services right at the front of the resort and then hopping back in your car/taxi to go to the park.

What if different parts of our group are arriving/leaving at different times?
Magical Express will be able to accommodate you. Make sure each name is on the room reservation and then give Magical Express the flight information for each person.

I’m flying into an airport other than Orlando International Airport. Can I still use Magical Express?
No, you won’t be able to.

What if I need to use the bathroom?
There is a bathroom on the bus.

What if I’m from another country and want my luggage picked up and delivered to the resort?
If Orlando is your first entry in the U.S., you’ll need to claim your bags and clear customs. You will then give your luggage back to the airport officials where you can either pick it up at baggage claim or have Magical Express get it for you. Once you arrive at the Magical Express area, let them know you’d like them to get your bags and they will.

– Still Not Sure if Disney’s Magical Express is Right for You? –

Benefits of Using Disney’s Magical Express – You will benefit the most from using Magical Express if you are on a strict budget and don’t want to add any extra costs for transportation. If you have an interest in checking your bags at your home airport and don’t want to deal with your luggage until you receive it at your resort. If you don’t need to make a grocery stop before you make it to your resort. If you don’t mind if your trip to your resort is going to take a little longer from the airport.

You Probably Shouldn’t use Disney’s Magical Express If – You want to leave immediately to get to your resort. You would prefer to have your own car while on vacation. You want to stop for groceries before you get to your resort. You don’t mind handling your own luggage. You are uncomfortable with your child riding without a car seat.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to Ask Me! Also, if you have any questions they might just be listed on my Walt Disney World Frequently Asked Questions page! If you are ready to Get The Magic Started on your Disney Vacation feel free to fill out my FREE Quote Sheet! I hope to hear from ya real soon!


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