February and March Disney Vacations!!!

!!!! ATTENTION !!!!

If you are thinking about booking a Disney Vacation during the months of FEBRUARY or MARCH, now is the time to BOOK IT! WHY? September is 180 days away from FEBRUARY and MARCH! What does your vacation have to do with 180 days? Well, for one, you can book your DINING RESERVATIONS! If you are wanting to eat at one of the POPULAR restaurants (Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest or any of the Character Dining Meals) you need to book NOW! Second, you will also be able to get your first choice of a hotel room by booking this early! (NOTE: You can book your hotel reservations sooner than 180 days!) Coming from personal experience, BOOK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Dining reservations fill up fast!

180 Day Out Calendar

Also, if you live in an area where you receive Mardi Gras Holidays and you are interested in booking a trip during those days that your children have off from school, NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOK! During the months of February and March is probably one of the slowest times of year for Disney World. Meaning NO CROWDS! 



If you are still wondering why you should book a Disney Vacation during the Months of February or March, here are a few more reasons:

  • The least crowded times of the year offer the best resort prices. The lowest resort prices can be found during Value Season.

  • Wait times average 15 minutes or less for popular rides low crowd times when they can reach up to 90 minutes or more during peak crowd times.

  • The weather is great! There is a 50% chance that temperatures will drop below the mid-seventies, and daytime high temperatures can dip well into the sixties and fifties during brief periods. During this period, be sure to consult the 10-day advance weather forecast for Orlando before packing and include at least a few items of clothing for both warm and chilly weather.

  • Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival kicks off in March!

Still not convinced, then let me explain! During February and March you will find that the resort rates will be low and the crowds in the parks themselves will be low. Plus you will not have to deal with worrying about a hurricane, severe thunderstorms, extremely hot or cold weather! Who wouldn’t want to experience Disney with no crowds, low resort rates and fair weather? If you are interested in getting a FREE Quote for a vacation for you and your family, Click Here! 

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