A Disney Christmas: Last Year for Osborne Lights!

So I just found out this morning that this year will be the last year that Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be running the Osborne Lights! Due to the re-imagining of the park, Streets of America is said to be removed from the park itself to make room for the new “Lands”. I am so glad that I am going to Disney during Christmas this year! Like I have said before it will be my first time at Disney during the Holiday season and this year will also be the last time that Disney will be presenting the Osborne Lights. It’s kind of bitter sweet because the Lights have become somewhat of a Christmas Tradition to many and something that a lot of people look forward to during their Disney Christmas vacations. But with the Lights being removed it just means that something new and exciting is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

I also recently discovered that Pirates of the Caribbean will be opened back up from it’s long refurbishment when I go on my Disney Christmas Vacation! I know that it has been closed for quite some time for a well needed refurbishment and it just never occurred to me that it would be open when I’ll be at Disney! I will definitely have to remember to schedule me a FastPass+ for that ride because I’m sure there will be a lot of people wanting to ride the newly refurbished ride! The Pirates of the Caribbean is scheduled to open September 25, 2015.

I also think that the new Skipper Canteen restaurant will be newly opened while I am at Disney. Since I am a Travel Agent, I took a look at my newly refurbished information to see if any rides or attractions will be down during my vacation, and it looks like it will be open while I am at Disney. I am making an educated guess at this because the Liberty Tree Tavern and Diamond Horseshoe will be opening on November 19, 2015. Their kitchens are getting an update and that is all tied into the Skipper Canteen’s new area, so that is why I am thinking that it will be open. I’m not 100% sure, but one could hope! 



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