A Disney Christmas: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar & Star Wars Launch Bay!

So yesterday I posted about how the Osborne Lights will be on display at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the last time this year! Well today I found out some more amazing things that will be new when I go to Disney during December!!

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will be opening September 22, 2015 at Disney Springs! (Downtown Disney) I am a HUGE Indiana Jones fan and was so excited when this bar was announced and now I get the chance to experience it! But I do have to ask the question Disney Imagineers! If you were wanting to create a bar with an Indiana Jones theme, why didn’t you make one that resembled Marion’s bar that she owned in Raiders of the Lost Arc? I mean don’t get me wrong the Hangar looks amazing and the theming is looking to be great too, but Marion plays a bigger role than Jock? Right??

Also, it has been announced that the new Star Wars Launch Bay will be opening in December 2015! No official date has been announced, BUT it would be awesome if it opened sometime during the days of December 11-14th? Just a suggestion! I’m not a huge Star Wars fan like many people are, but I am very excited about the new Star Wars Land that is coming!

So many exciting things! So little time!!!

87 Days until A Disney Christmas!!!


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