A Disney Christmas: Disney History!

I am a HUGE Disney History fan! I love to learn about the history of Walt’s journey, how Disney got started, how it’s became what it is today and what’s in our future! Last month PBS featured an AMAZING story of Walt Disney and his struggles and accomplishments that made Disney what it is today. The documentary was shown on PBS’ American Experience on September 14th & 15th, 2015. I really enjoyed this telling of Walt’s story. If you are interested in how Disney all got started you should definitely check it out! Below is the link to PBS’ website! Also, if you haven’t seen Saving Mr. Banks you really need to! It also has a little bit of Walt Disney history in there which is why it’s one of my favorite films to date! Be warned the documentary is almost four hours long…

American Experience: Walt Disney

(SPOILER!) In this documentary you’ll see how Mickey was created, how Snow White was made, how Disney almost had to file bankruptcy more than once and how the concept of Disneyland and Disney World came about. It is a really interesting story! It had me balling like a baby at the end so be prepared!

Let me know what ya think of the documentary in the comments! AND if you have any links to documentaries about Walt Disney, Disneyland, Disney World or the making of anything Disney please leave those in the comments as well!! I really hope you can take the time out and watch this, if you like Disney History!! Thanks for your time, likes and comments!

See Ya Real Soon!!

56 More Days Until A Disney Christmas!!!!

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