Planning your July 2016 Walt Disney World Vacation!

Here is some helpful tips and information for vacationers that are looking into visiting the Walt Disney World Resort during the month of July 2016!

The top three questions that everyone always asks is; how’s the weather, is it crowded and how much will it cost me? Well keep reading because I’m about to tell you!

During the month of July you can expect to experience heavy crowd levels and very hot temperatures! I would suggest staying at a resort with a nice pool to take advantage of during the middle of the day when it is the hottest!

July 2016 Crowd Calendar

There is one Holiday/Event that takes place during July at Disney World. (I’m pretty sure you know what it is!) July 4th, the United States of America’s Independence Day. You can expect Magic Kingdom to close due to capacity on the day of July 4th. Magic Kingdom does a special firework show on the night of the 4th, so if you would like to see this show get to Magic Kingdom early and stay there, head to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TCC) or one of the Deluxe Resorts that surround the Seven Seas Lagoon.

The weather for all of July will be, yup you guessed it, HOT! According to the National Weather Channel, the average low for Central Florida is 74 and the high is 92. But I would expect it to get into the high 90’s at some points. Also, be aware that during this time of year afternoon showers and thunderstorms are more than likely to make an appearance anytime from 2:00 pm until the evening hours. So bring your rain gear!

The only ride that looks to be closed during July will be Soarin’. But, all of the Disney sources say that it will be opened back up by Summer 2016! So who knows you could be part of a soft opening or grand re-opening for Soarin’!

If you are planing on getting advanced dining reservations you will need to book your reservations by January, which will be your 180 day mark. Also, if you are staying on property you can reserve your FastPass+ 60 days before your arrival date.

Disney has released a promotional offer for July! The Summer Meal Offer includes a FREE Quick Service Dining Plan! Yes, I said FREE! The catch is you have to book your vacation during these dates, January 19 through February 29, 2o16. Your vacation days must fall in these dates, May 29 through June 30, 2016 and July 5 through August 13, 2016. You also have to stay at one of Disney’s Value Resorts (All-Star Sports, Music, Movies, Pop Century and Art of Animation) and you must have a minimum 3-night stay. This offer can save you and your family A LOT of money! So if you are interested get in touch with your Disney Travel Agent as soon as possible! You must book by February 29, 2016! There are only a certain amount of rooms at each resort that will qualify for this offer! The sooner you book the better chances for your family to receive the Summer Meal Offer!

So how much would your vacation cost you for a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort during the month of July?

Let’s Do the Math!

The Fa Family is going to bare the crowds and is going to attempt Disney World for the 4th of July. They will be taking mom, dad, Mulan-10 and Mushu-8 and will be staying 6 nights and 5 days at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. They will be choosing to add the Park Hopper option to their tickets because of the heavy crowds but they will not be doing a Dining Plan. Their total vacation cost will be $2,553.84.

The Pelekai Family is not going for the 4th of July.  They have chosen to take mom, dad, Lilo and Nani for a 6 night and 5 day stay at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. They have chosen to add the Park Hopper option to their tickets, but they are still on the fence about which Dining Plan they should choose. If they choose to not get a Dining Plan at all their vacation will cost $3,413.56. If they choose to go with the Quick Service Dining Plan their vacation will cost $4,137.28. If they choose to go with the Disney Dining Plan their vacation will cost $4,407.16.

The Charming Family is meeting up with other family members for a family reunion at the Walt Disney World Resort. They will all be staying at the Beach Club Resort for 6 nights and 5 days. They have chosen to add the Park Hopper option to their tickets and they have chosen to go with the Dining Plan. They have also purchased a Memory Maker so that they can have all of the fun family photos that they take while on vacation. They total vacation will cost $5,250.00.

Summer Meal Offer Savings! A Family of four visiting the Walt Disney Resort July 10 through July 16 staying at Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort for 6 nights and 5 days. Their package includes a 5-Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket with a Quick Service Meal plan that is FREE because they were eligible for the Summer Meal Offer! Their total vacation cost is $2,528.80! Without the Summer Meal Offer their vacation cost would be $3,767.74. That’s a total of $1,238.94 in savings! 

I hope the information that I have provided will help those out that are looking to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in July 2016. If you have any additional questions that were not answered in this post, please ask away!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!


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