5 Ways to Save Money on Food at Walt Disney World!

Anyone out there will agree that dining at Disney isn’t cheap! The first thing that comes to mind is, just save money for it! But, there are some ways to help cut the cost of your dining budget at Walt Disney World!

~#5 Plan to eat at least ONE meal in your hotel room~

This is something that my family has done for every trip that we take. We usually bring with us some quick-to-eat breakfast food to eat in the hotel room ass everyone is getting ready for the day. If you are flying to Disney and don’t want to take a taxi to the grocery store, there are a few grocery delivery companies in the area that will deliver your food to your hotel or resort for you.

~#4 Bring snacks and drinks into the parks!~

Some people may not know that you are in fact allowed to bring snacks and drinks into the parks with you. My family usually brings some single serve bags of chips, cookies and sweets in our backpack to the parks. We also bring a few water bottles and gatorades with us as well. Also, during the summer months I would suggest freezing a water bottle and bringing into the parks and filling it up with fountain water as the ice melts. You are even allowed to bring in small sandwiches and lunchables. Just be prepared to go through security with your bag when you enter the park.

~#3 Share Meals~

Several Quick Service dining locations in the parks and resorts serve fairly large combo meals that could be shared with another family member. Also, adults are allowed to purchase kids combo meals at any quick service location on property. Getting a kids meals verses a regular combo meal well cut the price of the meal in half! Plus, the proportions aren’t that much of a difference.

~#2 Eating Some Meals Off-Property~

What most people don’t realize is that you can leave Walt Disney World Property and go and eat at the restaurants around the Orlando area. This may be harder for those that have flown into Orlando because you will have to get a taxi in order to go eat. Some of the restaurants around town are specific to the area and are worth to take a look at. Plus, you are almost guaranteed to save money when you eat outside the parks.

~#1 Purchasing a Dining Plan~

If you are like me and enjoy eating at the highly themed restaurants on property, getting a Dining Plan might just be the best option for  you. Depending on how many are in your party and what their ages are you will usually save money by choosing a Dining Plan. Even if you go with the quick service plan you will save money on your meals. Just remember a Dining Plan is not for everyone. It may end up costing you more or less if you purchase a Dining Plan.

If you have any more suggestions on how to save money on food, please feel free to comment below! Also, if you have any questions about the suggestions that I have made or any questions that you have concerning what is allowed in the parks; please feel free to contact me today!


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