Planning Your October 2016 Disney Vacation

Here are some helpful tips and information for vacationers that are looking into visiting the Walt Disney World Resort during the month of October!

The top three questions that everyone always asks is; how’s the weather, is it crowded and how much will it cost me? Well keep reading because I’m about to tell you!

During the month of October you can expect a moderate to heavy crowd level. I only say this because it is way into the Halloween Spirit at the Disney Parks and everyone is there trying to make the best of it.  You can expect the Haunted Mansion and other such rides to be a long wait during this time of year.I would  still suggest staying at a resort with a nice pool to take advantage of during the middle of the day when it is the hottest! It will not start to cool down in central Florida until November and even then it’s still hot!


October continues starts the fall season at Disney World. During this month you will see the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations going up around the parks. The Magic Kingdom will hosting Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties to select guests! They are known to be a lot of fun plus you get a lot of candy! You also get to dress up as your favorite character! To find out more about Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party, click here!


If you are planing on getting your first choice for advanced dining reservations you will need to book your reservations by April, which will be your 180 day mark. Also, if you are staying on property you can reserve your FastPass+ 60 days before your arrival date. Your 60-Days out date will be in August! For more information on FastPass+ and how all of that works, Click Here! For more information on Disney’s Dining Plans, Click Here!


Disney has released it’s most famous offer again this year, FREE Dining! If you stay at select Disney World Resorts during a set about of dates you will be able to get a FREE Dining Plan! Also, during this the month of October you will be qualified for 25% off your Room Rate at select Disney World Resort Hotels. To find out more about the FREE Dining Offer, click here! To find out more about the discounted room rate, click here.


Want to get an idea of how much your vacation would cost for you to visit the Walt Disney World Resort during the month of September? Take a look at the following scenarios!

The first family on our list is visiting the Walt Disney Resort during the dates of 10/13 – 10/17. They are a family of five staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. They have selected to opt out of the Park Hopper and Dining Plan. Their vacation total is $2,935.99.

The second family on our list will be visiting during Halloween! There are a couple staying at Disney’s All-Star Sports and are not getting a Dining Plan or Park Hopper but they will be attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! They also qualify for the Last Summer Family Offer which gives them a discount on their room rate. Their vacation total will be $2,846.16.

The last family on our list will be spending a full week in Walt Disney World and they will be staying at the Wilderness Lodge. They have also chosen to go with the Disney Dining Plan. Their vacation total is $5,584.76.

I hope the information that I have provided will help those out that are looking to visit the Walt Disney World Resort in October 2016. If you have any additional questions that were not answered in this post, please ask away!



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