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How Can I Get an Estimated Budget?

In order to get an estimated budget for your Disney Vacation, you will need to have a general idea of the following:

  • When will you be going? The price per seasons change tremendously over the year for Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Dining prices will also change throughout the year. Best & Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World.

  • Your family’s size and age on your planned arrival/check-in date: Children under three years old are pretty much free, meaning you will not have to purchase a park ticket for them. Children ages three to nine are charges a little less than an adult for theme park tickets and they are also charges a lot less for dining plans as well. Children that are ten and older are charges the same as an adult.

  • Where you plan on staying: There are so many Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from. You can choose from prices under $100 per night to well over $500 per night. See how to choose a Walt Disney World Resort by clicking here.

Once you have figured the above out, you can go to the Disney World Website and basically go through the booking process up until the point where you are asked to confirm your purchase. If you are not able to complete a step in the booking process, you can always contact me for help! You can also skip all that non-sense and get a free quote from me! You can simply fill out my free quote sheet and I’ll get back with you shortly with your quote!

Once you get an idea of how much your cost of your hotel room, park tickets, dining plan, etc. add your transportation costs and add $30-$50 per person per day for extras!

Always keep in mind that by using a travel agent you will releave so much stress and save time and money. CONTACT ME today if you are ready to book your Disney World Vacation. Stick around and check out my site! I have so much information available right here. Try checking out the Walt Disney World Tab to see what’s all going on, what’s new and refresh your memory of the classics! 

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How Far in Advance Can I Book a Walt Disney World Vacation?

The general answer to this question would be, 180 days out from your arrival/check-in date. But, technically you can book 499 days prior to your arrival/check-in date. There are a few things that you should take note of if you are wanting to book your Disney World Vacation that far in advance!

  • You will ONLY be able to reserve your room reservations at a Disney World Resort. You can either call the Disney reservation hotline or you could use a Disney Travel Agent, like myself, that will do the work for you.
  • The quoted price will be wrong! The price that you will be quoted will be the rate of that current year, which is most likely NOT going to be the price for the dates that you are booking! Your quote will more than likely increase unfortunately.
  • You will HAVE TO pay a deposit! You will be required to pay a deposit in order to hold your room reservation. This deposit will also change and will most likely increase once the rates become available.
  • When do the new RATES become available? Typically the rates for the next year do not become available until the end of that current year’s summer. 
  • When can I purchase my PARK TICKETS? Whenever the rates become available for you vacation’s selected dates, is when you may then add your park tickets to your already existing room reservation. Once you add your tickets, dinning plan, memory maker, travel insurance, etc.; you will then be able to get a final price quote for your Disney Vacation!

When you are 180 days out from your arrival/check-in date, you will then be able to book your dining reservations! If you plan on you and your family enjoying a character meal or a nice sit down restaurant, you may want to plan on getting up early on the 180th day in order to make that reservation happen. Make sure to have your list of restaurants ready before you go to call or book online! You would be surprised at how quick the popular restaurants get booked up! To find out more about Dining Plan Locations, CLICK HERE! You can also SEE HERE where some of the character dining locations are!

At 60 days out from your arrival/check-in date, it’s time to book your FASTPASS+ reservations! When you do this, it’s very important that you know a few things:

  • Do you have park hopper tickets?
  • Which parks offer early morning magic hours.
  • Best and worst parks each day
  • The best attractions to use your FASTPASS+ on.
  • Do you have smaller kids that would be scared of dark rides or have height restrictions?

You can choose to wait until a month out or book over a year in advance, it all depends on the type of vacation you want your family to have. If you have your heart set on a certain resort during peak season, then you might want to go ahead and book your trip as soon as possible. The same goes for restaurant reservations, you better be getting up at 7:00 am (eastern time) and making those reservations! But if you just want to play it by ear or decide to go at the last minute, you can do that as well. Just keep in mind that your first choice may not be available anymore!

An easy way of keeping track of all of this information and reservations is to book through a Disney Travel Agent! Using a travel agent will take away all of the work that you would have to do in order to book your Disney World Vacation. All you have to do is tell me all of your preferences and I’ll do all the work for you! I’ve made it even easier than that! Just fill out my FREE QUOTE SHEET! Plus I will be on the lookout for any OFFERS & PROMOTIONS that can be added to your vacation! To top it all off, ALL of my services are FREE! So why not sit back and count the days until your next Disney Vacation while I do all the work for you!

180 Day Out Calendar

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Why Use a Disney Travel Agent?

Although general travel agents aren’t needed as much anymore, destination-specific agents are still invaluable since they provide such detailed guidance on a specific place. Unless people are willing to spend a lot of time researching, I almost always recommend they use a Disney Travel Agent! 

Reason #1: Knowledge!

As a Disney Travel Agent I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge! What’s that you might ask? It is a learning experience that has taught me how to add more value to each Disney itinerary so that I can help make each and every client’s magical dreams come true!

Reason #2: FREE to YOU!

It doesn’t cost you any extra to book through an agent verses booking straight from Disney’s website. Yes, you read correctly. All of my services are free to you, all you have to do is tell me your personal preferences and I do all the work for you! No stress, no time lost and a possibility to save money in ways you may have not known yourself!

Reason #3: Saves you Money!

Not only does booking with a Disney Travel Agent not cost you anything, it can actually save you money! I am constantly getting informed of all of the new discounts and offers that become available that you may not be aware of when booking your vacation yourself.

Reason #4: Dining, FASTPASS+, and Other Reservations Booked for You

Many of the super hard-to-get dining reservations require being online or on the phone at the crack of dawn 180 days in advance of your trip. Disney Travel Agent, such as myself, will make these reservations for you allowing you to relax and sleep in. They will also make all of your FASTPASS+ reservations for your vacation and special bookings such as Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique as well.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask! Take a few minutes and check out the rest of this site to inform yourself of some things that you may just need to freshen up on. And if you are ready to get the Magic Started fill out my FREE QUOTE SHEET!

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