Canadian Coast Cruises

Sail across cloud-kissed shores to seaside cities brimming with Canadian heritage.

Experience the maritime charm of truly captivating ports of call during your Canadian Coast voyage with Disney Cruise Line. This vacation at sea promises brilliant autumn colors, picturesque coastal seaports and breathtaking natural beauty that captures hearts of all ages.

– Ports of Call – 

Delight in quaint fishing villages, marvel at fascinating art exhibits and soak up historic sites. Take a rickshaw tour of Halifax or discover the country’s oldest museum and farmer’s market in the city of Saint John.

Drop anchor at sites rich in history and art, as well as breathtaking natural phenomena. Cloud-kissed shores and quaint fishing villages are yours to explore as you sail from New York City to some of the most delightful harbors in the North Atlantic.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Discover a municipality featuring urban and rural communities rich with Canadian heritage, historical sites and scenic vistas. Halifax is the capital region of Nova Scotia, which has almost 5,000 miles of seacoast. Enjoy its scenic coastal beauty, charming residents and fascinating maritime history. Halifax is located on the winsome shore of one of the world’s largest natural harbors. Discover a peaceful port city with lovely ocean views and air so fresh and pure that it’s bound to raise your spirits and infuse your senses. Immerse yourself in the bustle of a metropolis, the vibrancy of a university town and the peaceful trails of its many provincial parks.

Saint John, New Brunswick – Enjoy the stunning views of the bay and ponder a natural phenomenon known as reversing rapids. Infused with a profound history, Saint John is Canada’s oldest incorporated city. It is also the largest city in the province of New Brunswick; in 2011, the greater Saint John area had a population of more than 125,000 people. Saint John transports visitors to another era with its Victorian architecture and pristine coves. Due to its location on the Bay of Fundy that is divided by the St. John River, the city is home to a unique, sometimes treacherous phenomenon called “reversing rapids.” During high tide, the prevailing river current reverses itself against the normal flow of water, creating rapids or waterfalls and dramatically changing the level of the water.

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