At Sea FAQ’s

Can I call home from the ship and can I use my cell phone?

What’s a lifeboat drill and do I have to go?

There’s so much to do on the ship, how will I know what’s going on and when?

Are there children’s activities on-board?

Can you have a Disney wedding while on a Disney cruise?

Can I work from home with on-board?

What shore excursions are available?

Can I get my return flight boarding passes on-board?

Information for guests with disabilities?

What is rotation dining?

What time is dinner?

What should I wear to dinner?

Is there a romantic restaurant that’s just for adults?

What about breakfast, lunch and snacks?

Is room service available?

I’m on a special diet. Can I get it on-board?

What is the policy on alcoholic beverages?

What services does the fitness facility offer?

What is Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique?

Can you stay on the ship while in a port?

What is the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App.?

How do I get on and off the ship when it docks at ports?

What happens on days at sea?

Are meals served on port adventures?

Is room service available?

Where do I go on-board if I have any questions?

Do I have to book port adventures in advance?


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