Tips From a Disney Veteran

On your way in make sure to grab a park map and times guide, no matter how many times you’ve been there. Sometimes parades and shows happen at different times due to the day, season or occasion.

Walt Disney World Gallery Photo

Main Street U.S.A. is a little piece of Americana. Above this idyllic small town you’ll see some American flags flying. If you look closely, not a single one has 50 stars. Why is that? Flags that have less than 50 stars are not real U.S. flags and therefore do not have to be taken down during bad weather or illuminated at night. There is only one flag with all 50 stars on it and that flag is located in Town Square and receives a flag ceremony every day at 5:00PM.

All the shops on Main Street are connected, meaning you can go in one store at the front of the park and exit out of the last shop and come out at the end of Main Street at the Hub. When the park closes go through the shops to exit in order to avoid the crowds.

The shops on Main Street don’t actually close until an hour after park closing. So take your time and shop around.

The windows on some of the buildings on Main Street display the names of the men and women that were and are important to the the Disney Family and the development of Walt Disney World. Ex. ” Elias Disney, Contractor” is Walt’s dad who built homes for a living.

Walt’s name is on some of the buildings as well, but his name will always be facing Cinderella Castle.

If you need any help with Phtopass, Magic Bands or FastPass+ head over to City Hall and a cast member will be glad to help you.

If you see an old-timey decorative phone on the wall in any of the shops along Main Street, it never hurts to pick it up and listen there just might be someone on the other line.

If you have any medical problems, First Aid is just next to the Crystal Palace.

If you can watch the Main Street Electrical Parade on Friday, they make it longer with additional floats.

Walt built himself an apartment in the Magic Kingdom above the Fire Department.

Hidden devices along Main Street emit the smell of cookies and vanilla out onto Main Street.


Most people head to Fantasyland when the park opens, which in turn makes Adventureland really quiet in the morning. Hello no wait time!

Most of the attractions and shops in Adventureland are either indoor or undercover, which makes it great for avoiding the rain and midday sun.

Watch out for the spitting camels! Be aware! If the ground is wet DO NOT walk through it!

The front half from the plane on the Jungle Cruise is the one used in the Casablanca scene in The Great Movie Ride.

During the Holidays, The Jungle Cruise is transformed into the Jingle Cruise.

The water on the Jungle Cruise is dyed in order to make it appear much deeper than it really is.


Try to ride Splash Mountain last. If you have ever rode a “wet” ride first thing and then walked around the park all day in wet clothes, you know my reasons for this.

The Big Thunder Mountain queue is undercover, but it is still very warm during the hot season so don’t get stuck in a long queue around the middle of the day.

Sometimes the parades can change and reverse routes to where they could either end or begin at Splash Mountain. 

If you’re a Vinylmation collector, Frontier Trading Post is the place to trade and sell figures.


Liberty Square is an ideal part of the park to go to and relax during the heat of the day because all of the main attractions are indoors and hold a lot of people.

The Liberty Tree holds 13 lanterns to represent each of the original colonies.

In one of the upper windows in Liberty Square you’ll find two lanterns warning you that the British are coming!

Many of the displays in the waiting area of The Hall of Presidents are authentic items that belonged to former Presidents and their families.

Disney had to get special permission from the U.S. State Government to have the Presidential Seal on the carpet in The Hall of Presidents.

Tucked into a small corner of Liberty Square there is a year-round Christmas Store, Ye Old Christmas Shope.

While waiting in the Haunted Mansion queue, look for the tombstone for J. Thaddeus Toad. It is a nod to the former ride, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

There are actually two stretching rooms in the Haunted Mansion Ride. One fills up while the other empties and vice-versa in order to keep the guests constantly flowing and filling up the Doom Buggies. 


You can ride Cinderella’s horse on Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel, it’s the one decorated with purple flowers.

It is said that if you ride the Lilac teacup on the Mad Tea Party, that it is the fastest.

Try and pull the sword from the stone, you just might succeed!

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride has a new interactive queue. Inside the Big Top is a play center where you can wait and play, a cast member will give you a pager that will let you know when it’s your time to ride.

In Pete’s Silly Slideshow, you can meet your favorite characters in wacky circus outfits.

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You can skip fighting through the busy Hub area to get to Tomorrowland by taking a shortcut past Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and walking through Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

Get a FastPass for Space Mountain whether it’s busy or not. The FastPass line leads you to the right track, which is longer and faster with more bumps and turns.

There’s a path behind Space Mountain that leads to Fantasyland and the Walt Disney World Rail Road Station in Fantasyland.

The TTA Peoplemover runs through some of the rides in Tomorrowland and you can snag a great view of the castle. You can look into Buzz’s Space Ranger Spin and Space Mountain and get an above view of the store Mickey’s Star Traders.

Part of the original model for Epcot can be seen while ridding the TTA Peoplemover.

Yes, there are tunnels under the Magic Kingdom. You can tour this underground area by taking a “Backstage Magic Tour” or the “Keys to the Kingdom Tour”. These tours do cost extra and only those 16 years and older can attend them.

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