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If the lines are long to get into the park, head over to the Rainforest Cafe’ and enter the park through the restaurant.

Make sure to grab a map and Times Guide because there are so many unique characters to Animal Kingdom that don’t meet with guests anywhere else. Character Meet & Greet Locations!

Guests often rush to each attractions, try and pay attention to all of the hidden gems that make Animal Kingdom so unique.

Have you ever noticed the dragon in the Animal Kingdom logo? The dragon was placed there because Animal Kingdom was originally supposed to be Beastly Kingdom and focus on three types of animals: real, extinct and imaginary. Imagineers are currently building a new section of Animal Kingdom where the original Beastly portion of the park was supposed to be. Disney is building Pandora from the movies Avatar in this area and is scheduled to be open 2017.

Animal Kingdom is pretty much a really big zoo but with a lot of Disney touches. Have you ever had the thought what if the animals get out of their areas? Although it is very unlikely that any dangerous animal could escape it’s area, Disney has of course thought of a very unique way to keep its guests safe. Disney imagineers have placed doors on the outside of the restrooms to offer shelter should any predator escape and go after the guests.

– Discovery Island –

The Tree of Life! It is truly an amazing sight to see, but is it real? Nope! It is made up of over 7,000 branches with joint that allow them to sway in the wind and 100,000 fake leaves; and yes it can withstand hurricane force winds. The core of the tree is the structure of an upside down offshore oil rig. There are also over 300 different animal carvings that have been carved into the Tree of Life. Look for them when you are in line for It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

It is hard to see on the map but there are several hidden trials crisscrossing the area around the Tree of Life that can make for good shortcuts from one side of the park to the other. The are also great spots to view the animal carvings.

Do you want to be a Wilderness Explorer like Russell from “Up!”? At Animal Kingdom you can! Go to the Wilderness Explorers locations on Discovery Island to start earning your badges (stamps)!

– Dinoland U.S.A. –

The same husband and wife team that wrote Let It Go from Frozen, wrote the 16 original songs that are featured in Finding Nemo- The Musical.

– Asia –

At the beginning of Expedition Everest, the bird that you hear is the voice of the bird Kevin from “Up!”.

You can squirt riders on Kali River Rapids from the bridge. Don’t feel guilty because they will already be soaked!

– Africa –

Head to Kilomanjaro Safaris in the morning or towards the afternoon in order to see the animals.

After getting off of Kiliomanjaro Safaris, head over to Expedition Everest before the lines get too long or it gets too hot. The regular queue is in the sun! If you can get a FastPass for this ride it is highly recommended!

While on Kiliomanjaro Safari look for the rock formation that resembles Pride Rock. You will most likely always see lions perched on the ledge. The reason why is because the imagineers piped chilled air through tiny holes on the ledge in order to make the lions hang around up on the ledge.

Also, on Kiliomanjaro Safari the trees that are along the path that the safari vehicles travel have food placed in them to get the animals to come close to the vehicles.

Each of the diferent species in the Savannah on Kiliomanjaro Safari have their own pens that they sleep in every night.

The animal trainers at Animal Kingdom have trained the animals to come to their pens every night by training each species to respond to a specific sound so that when they hear it they will magically walk back to their pen.

You can hop into the Wildlife Express train that will take you to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.

The Festival of the Lion King is a broadway caliber musical that you can enjoy inside Animal Kingdom.

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