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Epcot Rides & Attractions

Future World

Leave a Legacy: A special program where Guests’ likenesses were etched on steel tiles to commemorate their visit to Epcot. The Leave a Legacy program, launched during our Millennium Celebration in the fall of 1999, gave Guests the opportunity to leave a little piece of themselves at one of their favorite places. The Leave a Legacy program was discontinued in June 2007, more than 550,000 tiles were sold and remain on display for Guests to remember their very special day at Epcot.

Spaceship Earth: Take a ride through time for a look at the landmark moments that made today’s communications technology possible. Travel back to the dawn of recorded history, when early man painted his thoughts on cave walls, the Egyptians invented papyrus and the Phoenicians devised the alphabet. See ideas spread like wildfire with the invention of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press, Greek systems of mathematics and the inspiring works of the masters of the Renaissance. The wheels of time turn ever faster as we progress to the modern age of media communications, from newspapers announcing the end of the Civil War to the televised broadcast of the moon landing and beyond. Lifelike Audio-Animatronics displays and the soothing tones of narrator Dame Judi Dench give you an inspiring history lesson on this leisurely, 16-minute Omnimover-style ride.

Evening lights casting a colorful glow onto Spaceship Earth as it rises into the sky above Epcot

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future: Stick around after your journey through Spaceship Earth reaches its conclusion and step inside the interactive area intended for one and all—from kids short and small to adults big and tall—where you’re invited to build, create, compete and play with a series of exhibits that bring innovative ideas and brand new technologies to life.

Innoventions: Get ready to have a blast—of science! Creative, fun and fascinating, Innoventions lets you experience hands-on, high-tech exhibitions that are like a thrill ride for your mind! In Colortopia Presented by Glidden, you’ll experience the wonderful world of color! Explore 3 interactive zones—the Color Lab, Color Our World Studio and Power of Color Theater—for a fun, informative take on the many ways color affects our lives. From creating custom hues with a digital paint palette to understanding how different shades can impact moods, you’ll learn how every color tells a story.

The Seas

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: Frolic with a colorful cast of undersea characters in this attraction based on Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Board a “clamobile” and descend below the waves into a “Big Blue World” where Nemo and his friends flit through brightly colored coral reefs and gently swaying sea anemones. Swim with Mr. Ray and his school and see ultra-cool, ultraviolet “jellies.” Afterward, mingle with even more marine life at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion at your leisure. Walk all the way around the aquarium and see some of the real-life counterparts of the characters from the film. You’ll also find “fins-on” activities teaching little ones about marine biology, shark safety and more.

The small theater with Crush on the screen and stadium and floor seating

Turtle Talk with Crush: Gather ’round a window to the ocean for a real-time Q-and-A session with your favorite totally tubular turtle. Righteous! Each show is unique and only lasts 15 minutes. 

Sea Turtles: Guests can see green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) and loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) at The Seas with Nemo & Friends where you can follow the sea turtle’s age-old journey from sand-buried eggs to the great escape of a deep-current cruise.

Two boys smile from inside the jaws of Bruce the Shark from Disney’s ‘Little Nemo’ at SeaBase in Epcot.

Sharks: Admire the ocean’s top predators, and try to fathom the diversity of 400+ shark species—ranging from 8 inches long to over 40 feet! Guests can see the white spotted bamboo shark—and dive with real sand tiger, blacknose and brown sharks at The Seas with Nemo & Friends. 

Coral Reefs: Glide into the colorful world of coral reefs, which cover less than 1% of the ocean floor but are home to 25% of all ocean species! Coral reefs are so rich in life that scientists call them the “rainforests of the sea.” Guests can see our artificial Caribbean coral reef at The Seas with Nemo & Friends.

The Land

An outdoor Soarin' sign with the phrase, "Now taking flight from The Land…"

Soarin’: Depart on an all-new journey through the sky, flying high from one extraordinary landmark to the next. It’s Soarin’ Around the World! No mountain is too high. No landscape is too far. Whether you’re soaring above man-made marvels like the majestic Great Wall of China, cruising over natural sights like Iguazu Falls in South America or swooping past sailboats on Australia’s spectacular Sydney Harbour, this is your chance to experience the joy of hang gliding as you never have before.

A farmhouse in the American Prairie biome at the Living with the Land attraction

Living with the Land: Sail through the greenhouses of The Land Pavilion and behold 9-pound lemons, Mickey-shaped pumpkins and more! Many of your favorite foodstuffs—chocolate, coffee, vanilla, tomatoes and rice, to name a few—grow on trees, vines and now even in soil-less environments. See firsthand how Disney’s horticulturalists are using innovative growing techniques and cross-breeding high-yield crops with the goal of sustaining our growing global population.

Rows of lettuce growing in a living laboratory at Living with the Land at Epcot

The Circle of Life: A 20-minute widescreen film about conservation, with color commentary from the stars of Walt Disney’s The Lion King. Laugh and learn as Simba teaches Timon and Pumbaa an important lesson about the environment.


Journey into Imagination with Figment: Figment the playful, purple dragon is your guide on this whimsical tour of the Imagination Institute. Climb aboard your carriage and get ready for surprises galore as you travel through Dr. Channing’s sensory labs. Little ones will love learning and laughing about the 5 senses—sound, sight, smell, touch and taste—on this madcap musical trip with Figment. Afterward, be sure to head to ImageWorks, an interactive play area where you can use your imagination to make music, digital pictures and more.

A bathroom hanging from the ceiling and designed with geometric patterns in the attraction at Epcot

ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs: This interactive play area—also known as the “What If” Labs—encourages little ones to explore, experience and create. Figment wants you to join him in making music, customized digital pictures and more!


Ellen’s Energy Adventure: Be entertained and enlightened on this zany 45-minute multimedia romp through time and Ellen DeGeneres’s subconscious. Learn about energy with Ellen and Bill Nye the Science Guy as you encounter an array of prehistoric creatures and discover how fossil fuels were formed.

A flower bed with a sign for Mission: SPACE and Planetary Plaza beyond lit up at night

Mission: SPACE! Experience authentic NASA-style training and an out-of-this-world space launch on this shuttle simulator. Fulfill your fantasy of being an astronaut as you dodge meteors, navigate nebulae and slingshot around the moon. Each member of your 4-cadet crew will assume an important role: navigator, pilot, commander or engineer. During your flight, each cadet will be instructed to initiate a mission-critical sequence, so be prepared! Board your vessel, lower your harness and brace yourself for the incredible force of lift-off. Get goose bumps as you arc around the moon and then hold on tight as you attempt a precarious precision landing on the Red Planet’s alien surface. Mars-bound cadets can choose from 2 levels of training. Both offer the same training mission but differ in intensity. The Orange Team is the more intense training experience, while the Green Team is less intense. 

Advanced Training Lab: An astronaut’s work is never done! Whether you’re returning from Mars or awaiting your favorite astronaut, decompress with an array of space-themed activities such as: Mission SPACE Race, Expedition Mars, Space Base and Postcards from Space.


The sign for and entrance to Test Track Presented by Chevrolet at Epcot at night

Test Track Presented by Chevrolet: Design a virtual concept vehicle and then go for a high-octane spin at this attraction that’s thrilling and creative. Buckle up in a 6-passenger “simulation car” and put a virtual vehicle that you created to the test with the following vehicle testing criteria: capability, responsiveness, efficiency and power. Then take it for a test drive. Fly through straight-aways, maneuver switchbacks through inclement weather, hug curves banked at 50-degree angles and scale hills that are up to 3-stories high!

World Showcase

Showcase Plaza-Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure: Become a secret agent and go undercover on this interactive quest around World Showcase at Epcot. Join Agent P and help solve clues to thwart some of Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s most daringly evil plots. Two to 4 agents of any age can share each interactive device, so enlist the help of your bravest and smartest friends and family. Each mission lasts anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, and because each pavilion hosts a different mission, you can go back again and again. With some skill, and a little bit of luck, you and Agent P can defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz!

Mexico-Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros: Take in the sights of Mexico and the antics of the 3 feathered amigos on this gentle boat ride through the Mexico Pavilion. Float along to live-action footage of the people and places of Mexico superimposed with animation inspired by the 1944 Disney film The Three Caballeros. 

Mexico-Kidcot Fun Stops: Keep your tots entertained as you check out each international pavilion or simply take a load off while they color and draw. Kids can collect stamps and create a personalized souvenir at any or all 11 of these World Showcase craft stations: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. 

Mexico-Folk Art Gallery: See traditional Mexican wood carvings, watch them being hand-painted and even buy your own spirit animal to take home. Colorful, whimsical, even magical, the Oaxacan wood carvings in the Mexico Pavilion breathe new life into old legends. 

Norway-Stave Church Gallery: Chart your course to an exhibit showcasing how the culture and beauty of Norway inspired the filmmakers of Frozen. Step inside the Stave Church Gallery to take in all the authentic sights and sounds of this Norwegian exhibit—from clothing and instruments to genuine folk art. This is your chance to take a look at pieces of Norway’s past, and then compare them with stills on display to see how moviemakers went about fusing the country’s iconic designs into scenes from the film itself!

An artist’s rendition of the attraction Frozen Ever After at Epcot

Norway-Frozen Forever: Come and celebrate a very special “Summer Snow Day” with Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and friends. The adventure begins on the docks of Arendelle, as seen in the classic animated film. Soon, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some “boulders”—a.k.a. Kristoff’s family from Troll Valley—before bracing for the cold. High up in the icy blue world of the North Mountain, Queen Elsa’s enchanting ice palace awaits! Behold the wonder… and keep an eye out for a few more Frozen friends too. 

China-House of the Whispering Willows: Experience an awe-inspiring exhibition with replicas of the clay cavalry created to protect China’s first emperor in the afterlife. As you wander the exhibit, study genuine historical artifacts, including 2,000-year-old tomb sculptures from the Han Dynasty period, plus replicas of the emperor’s horses and chariots. 

China-Reflections of China: Stunning Circle-Vision 360° cinematography captures the many places and faces of the world’s most populous country. Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai is your guide to the sights and sounds of ancient and modern China in this 13-minute film. 

American Heritage Gallery: Featuring “Re-Discovering America: Family Treasures from the Kinsey Collection,” an exhibit on American history. Take a journey through time at an art exhibit that represents 400 years of African-American achievement.

The theater at The American Adventure with rows of seats, a colorful stage and statues on the walls

The American Adventure: A 30-minute stage show chronicling our illustrious past and boundless future through Audio-Animatronics, film and music. 

Japan-Biijutsu-kan Gallery: Explore the ancient myths and legends that gave rise to Japan’s modern anime culture, one of its biggest exports today. 

Morocco-Gallery of Arts and History: Experience the mystique of Morocco through the distinctive, detailed designs of its time-honored crafts. 

France-Impression de France: An 18-minute film showcasing the grandeur, charm and romance of one of Europe’s most enchanting countries. Enter the Palais du Cinéma and be swept away to a land where beauty abounds and fairy tales were born.

A brook leading up to Hotel du Canada and a glimpse of a native-Canadian village

O Canada! An 18-minute Circle-Vision 360° film showcasing the very best of our neighbor to the north.


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