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Magic Kingdom Parades, Shows & Fireworks!


Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! Street Party! This Parade starts in Town Square, up Main Street, circles around the Hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle and then head back down Main Street where it ends in Town Square. When the floats are in front of the castle the Characters, that are featured in this parade, pop out of the gift boxes on each of the floats. Some of the characters and dancers then get off the floats and take to the streets and party, this usually takes around 10-15min. Once they all board their floats again the parade heads back down Main Street. Some of the featured characters are: Mickey, Minnie, Chip-n-Dale, Baloo, King Louie, Mad Hatter, Genie, Frozone, Mr. Incredible, Donald, Goofy, Sebastian, Woody, Jessie, Nick Wild and Judy Hops and Lumiere. Sometimes the characters stay the same and sometimes there may be some new faces! You can catch this parade daily, weather permitting, at 12:30pm and 5:40pm. The best place to view this parade is pretty much anywhere on the parade route, but if you want good pictures or dance with the characters you might want to get there a few minutes early.


Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade: This parade starts in Adventureland, through Liberty Square, around the Hub, down Main Street and ends in Town Square. Paying homage to the unbridled magic and vivid pageantry of Fantasyland and its many inhabitants, the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade is a thrilling sight-and-sound spectacular that winds its way through the streets of Magic Kingdom park each afternoon. Be a part of this grand gala, which includes spectacular, state-of-the-art floats starring Characters from some of your favorite Disney stories, plus colorfully costumed performers on stilts, pendulums and swings. The featured characters are: Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Elsa, Anna, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Ariel, Sebastian, Perter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Merida, Maleficent in her fire breathing dragon form, Prince Phillip, Mickey, Minnie, Pinocchio and Snow White. This is a very popular parade so be sure to arrive to your viewing spot 30-45min before the parade starts. FastPass+ viewing is available in Town Square around the flag pole on the far end of Main Street, nearest the train station and park entrance. If you can’t get a FastPass+, the best viewing area is on the front porch of Tony’s Restaurant or up on the balcony of the Wald Disney World Rail Road’s Train Station overlooking Town Square.

There is currently not a nighttime parade at the Magic Kingdom. The only time you will see a nighttime parade in the Magic Kingdom is during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party or Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.


Mickey, Minnie and many other Disney Characters welcome the day’s first Guests to Magic Kingdom park

Magic Kingdom Welcome Show “Let the Magic Begin”: Kick off your Magic Kingdom adventures with a most royal greeting, each and every morning! Just prior to park opening, you’re invited to make way through Main Street, U.S.A. and down to the front of Cinderella Castle. Soon, the sound of a trumpet fanfare will burst through the morning air, signaling the arrival of a very important procession, a.k.a. the Royal Herald. As the Royal Herald unfurls a scroll of proclamation, feel a rush of excitement as you’re welcomed to Magic Kingdom park. Then, join your fellow Guests as you’re greeted by the most important Guest of all—Mickey Mouse—along with a special Disney surprise you’ll have to experience in person to believe!

Against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle stands the full cast of Mickey’s Friendship Faire, including Mickey Mouse and friends, as well as characters from such Disney classics as Frozen and Tangled

Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fare: See Mickey and his merry makers perform alongside other popular Disney pals during this magical, musical extravaganza. It takes a whole enchanted kingdom to put on this all-new, live stage show at Magic Kingdom park—and you’re cordially invited! In preparation for this joyous festival, Mickey and friends have ventured far and wide to gather Disney pals from all over to star in a royal friendship faire. Goofy has invited Tiana and friends from the Land of the Bewitching Bayous to infuse a little spice of New Orleans jazz in the party. Donald Duck brings some new friends he met at the Snuggly Duckling from the Land of Enchanted Woods to shake their tail feathers. Daisy has asked Rapunzel and Flynn to “comb” over and sing along. Mickey even recruited Olaf, Anna and Elsa from the Land of the Mystic Mountains to cast some extra cool touches! This takes place on Cinderella Castle stage throughout the day.The Dapper Dans: They are the first barbershop quartet in a 2-block radius wearing their colorful pinstriped suits. This four man groups is sure to entertain you while they sing soulful capella Americana and Disney tunes such as: Cruella de Vil, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Somebody Stole My Gal, Mr. Sandman, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Zip-a-Dee Doo Dah. They also will carry Deagon Organ Chimes and play and sing along with those as well. You can see the Dapper Dans on Main Street.

Casey’s Corner Pianist: This pianist is extremely talented. He plays all sorts of tunes, from Disney songs to ragtime. Don’t be shy, go up and request a song for him to play. You can catch one of his performances outside Casey’s Corner at the end of Main Street.

A sea serpent float in the Electrical Water Pageant and Cinderella Castle in the background

Electrical Water Pageant: Charming sea creatures both mythical and natural light up the Seven Seas lagoon and Bay Lake, with a bright green sea monster leading the way! Delight to a variety of Disney tunes. As this nighttime parade on water progresses, the sea creatures are joined by flashing American flags with twinkling stars! A medley of inspiring patriotic songs plays along as the stars and stripes float on the shimmering lagoon surface. The best place to view is unfortunately outside of the Magic Kingdom Park. You can catch this parade as you are leaving or at the Deluxe Resorts, Disney’s Polynesian, Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Disney’s Contemporary.


Fireworks blast off above Magic Kingdom park as vibrant lighting effects illuminate Cinderella Castle

Once Upon a Time: Top off your day at the park by taking in a dazzling mix of special effects and moving music. Join animated hosts Mrs. Potts and her son Chip for a captivating bedtime story that recounts cherished moments from tales that begin with the classic line—“Once Upon A Time.” Get swept away to far-off lands as scenes from some of your favorite Disney animated films―Cinderella, Peter Pan, Frozen, Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast―are cleverly projected onto the iconic palace.

Vibrant colors wash over Cinderella Castle as fireworks light up the sky above

Happily, Ever After: Gather ‘round Cinderella Castle for an awe-inspiring show that’s sure to surprise and delight. Happily, Ever After starts with a dream… and takes you on an unforgettable journey that captures the heart, humor and heroism of many favorite Disney animated films, including: Aladdin, Big Hero Six, Brave, Frozen, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Incredibles, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Moana, Mulan, Tarzan, The Princess and the Frog, Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, Wreck-It-Ralph and Zootopia. Come experience the magic of these beloved movies firsthand—and be inspired to find your own happily ever after. This 18-minute show features more lasers, lights and projections than any other fireworks spectacular in the history of Magic Kingdom park! Throughout Happily Ever After, you’ll witness the many transformations of Cinderella Castle as it becomes a part of popular Disney stories.


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