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Moderate Resorts

There are 5 Moderate Resorts on property each with their own theming and atmosphere. You’re going to find that the moderate resorts are little bit pricier than the value resorts. This is only because their rooms are bigger meaning that yes they have queen beds in their rooms. And actually in some of the rooms have the option of a 3rd bed that is a twin murphy bed which allows for a family of 5. All of the pools at a moderate resort are going to have some type of slide. There will be a quick service food court as well as a table service restaurant for moderate resort guests to enjoy. There is still only bus transportation to and from these resorts except for Port Orleans which has a water taxi that goes to Disney Springs.

**Click HERE to view the Moderate Resort’s Dining Plan Locations**

Now speaking of the bus transportation, it can be a huge pain in the butt for moderate resort guests. The layout of the moderate resorts is a little different than that of the value and deluxe resorts, they are very spread out. So in order to make bus transportation more convenient for guests there are multiple stops for each moderate resort. So if you are staying at Port Orleans, you may sit through 4 different stops before you get to your stop that’s closest to your building. Whereas at a value resort you just have one stop and short walk back to your building. Me personally I found the bus transportation for moderate resorts to be a bit of a pain. But honestly the bus transportation is the only downfall to the moderate resorts. And as long as you account for the multiple stops in your planning you’ll be fine.
The 5 moderate resorts are: Port Orleans Riverside and Port Orleans French Quarter, Coronado Springs, Caribbean Beach and the cabins at Ft. Wilderness.
The Port Orleans resorts are themed to look like New Orleans. And I have to say they really did a great job with this! The buildings at Port Orleans French Quarter look like you are really walking around in the French Quarter in New Orleans. 
And the buildings over at Riverside look like an old plantation home that you’ll find in the southern state.The theming of these buildings is amazing!
 2 royal beds with tall elaborate headboards, elegant dresser and curtained bathroom with vanity
Also, you can book a themed room at Riverside called a Royal Room. The room is themed to the Princess and Frog and has a few special amenities for the guests that book these rooms.
Coronado Springs is a Mexican themed resort. The main pool has a Mayan temple next to it and the food in the table service restaurant is the best Mexican food on property, besides San Angel at EPCOT.
Caribbean Beach is themed to different areas in the Caribbean. Each set of buildings is themed to a group of islands; so one is Barbados, another is Martinique, Trinidad and Jamaica. There are also select rooms here that are pirate themed rooms that have select amenities for their guests just like the rooms at Port Orleans Riverside.
Two pirate ship-themed double beds, TV, dresser, luggage seat and, beyond, a skull curtain to a vanity
And over at Ft. Wilderness you can rent a small cabin instead of bringing an RV and staying at the campgrounds or booking a room in the lodge.
The last thing that I want to note about the Moderate resorts is that there is going to be some construction going on for the next year or so at Coronado Springs and Caribbean Beach. Coronado Springs is getting a 15 story building adding 500 rooms and a rooftop dining experience allowing guests to view nighttime fireworks from the surrounding parks. And Caribbean beach is getting and update to their main buildings. They will be receiving an all new waterfront restaurant along with a new shopping center. So just be aware that some offerings at these two resorts may or may not be available over the next year or so.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to comment down below or send me an email!

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