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Value Resorts

If you are vacationing on a budget, then one of these 5 resorts is going to be your pick for your home resort. The value resorts are very nice hotels and they will give you a full dose of the Disney magic that you expect to experience whenever and wherever you stay on Disney Property.

**Click HERE to view the Value Resort’s Dining Plan Locations!**

What makes the Value resorts different from the Moderate and Deluxe resorts is that they are the most budget friendly hotels on property. They have limited amenities meaning that they only offer a quick service food court to their guests, the only way of transportation to and from the resort is by bus and the pools at the value resorts don’t have a slide. Their rooms are the smallest meaning that the beds are double beds not queens. The theming for the buildings themselves are like what you would see at a Marriott or Holiday Inn. So if you plan on spending the majority of your time at the parks than in your room I would strongly suggest staying at a Value Resort.
The 5 Value resorts are: All-Star Sports, Music and Movies, Pop Century and the Art of Animation Resort.
The All-Star Resorts were the first Value resorts on property and the theming of these three and really all of the value resorts are over-sized objects that relate to the theming of the resort. 
The All-Star resorts are going to be the simplest of the value resorts, but don’t let their simplicity turn you away. I have had the most fun at these resorts and as a matter of fact I have only stayed at a value resort because I would rather spend my time in the parks, but that’s just me!
Pop Century is themed like the All-Star resorts BUT this hotel’s theme is decades. Each building is themed to it’s own decade from the 50’s to the 80’s. 
My favorite of the value resorts is going to be the Art of Animation Resort. I LOVED this resort! It has the most theming and is the newest out of the 5 resorts. Art of Animation is also a little bit different from the other 4 resorts; it’s actually more like a moderate resort but at a value resort’s price. At Art of Animation you can book what they call a family suite, which is basically two rooms made into one. With the family suite you’ll be able to sleep 6 adults comfortably and you’ll get two full baths as well as a kitchenette!
If you wold like some additional information on the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World, please feel free to comment down below or send me  an email!

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